Mobtown Brewery

Anne’s Final Video Blog/ Vlog

Here is the script that I used for my vlog:

I am offering my final blog post today via video or a vlog.  I’m here on a raining Sunday afternoon making my blog post from the Mobtown Brewery in Baltimore’s Brewer’s Hill district. This brewery’s name was the inspiration for my Momtown Blog during this summer semester.They are open Saturday 12 to 10 pm & Sunday 12 to 6 pm and located at 4015 Foster Ave #400, Baltimore, MD 21224.

Unfortunately, referring to Baltimore as Mobtown has historical negative connotations. Baltimore has had a long reputation of breaking out into unrest and riots in response to national and local events. Far too often we became known for our mobs. The television series, The Wire has continued to propagate an undesirable perception of Baltimore.

One of the reasons I chose this course was to get out after the pandemic and rediscover familiar places in Baltimore that I have frequented in the past and visit some new places too! I hope that while your read my blog posts you got the strong impression that I LOVE BALTIMORE! It is a great and wonderful city—vibrant, and forever youthful! If you are a Loyola student and your family comes to visit, I hope that you might take advantage of some of my recommendations and destinations to help your parents recognizes that Baltimore is mother-tested and a mother-approved! I hope that they will come to recognize it as Momtown.

Baltimore is also known as SMALL-timore. That’s always true for a Loyola Student. If you identify yourself being associated from Loyola University, the immediate response will often be a conversation regarding Lacrosse, Jesuit Education in general, and/or specifically, Father Tim Brown, S.J. who knows all people in Baltimore, like seven degrees from Kevin Bacon.

Upon completion of this class for which I have written this blog as well as just two more, I am on target for a Spring 2022 graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. This completes a 12-year journey of being an adult learner, taking one class at a time each semester and doubling up during the pandemic. With graduation, Loyola University Maryland becomes my Alma Mater.

Alma mater is a Latin phrase currently used to identify a school, college, or university that one formerly attended. When you translate it, it means “nourishing mother”, “nursing mother”, or “fostering mother”, suggesting that a school provides intellectual nourishment.

So, that being said, the citizens of Momtown for which I have been writing here at Loyola, has been all my professors and classmates who have nourished and fostered my education throughout the years.  

And, since we are at a Brewery, Hey, Momtown, here’s to you.  <toast, clink>

By the way, my favorite beer in my flight was Tiny Purple Fishes which was a delicious amber ale beer. Here’s the link to discovery your own favorite😊

Published by annemillermom

Baltimore earned the reputation as Mobtown because throughout its history her citizens would often find an excuse to riot. This blog is designed to assist Loyola University Maryland students in hosting visits from their parents and, in doing so, change Charm City’s character to being MOMtown. I am Anne Miller. I am an adult student of Loyola, parent of Loyola alumni both biological as well as through adoption by friendship.

2 thoughts on “Mobtown Brewery

  1. Talk about the way to start my week off on the right foot – seeing and hearing you makes me all warm and fuzzy. Miss you my friend and am so happy you will soon be a Loyola University grad!


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