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Mobtown Brewery

Here is the script that I used for my vlog: I am offering my final blog post today via video or a vlog.  I’m here on a raining Sunday afternoon making my blog post from the Mobtown Brewery in Baltimore’s Brewer’s Hill district. This brewery’s name was the inspiration for my Momtown Blog during this summerContinue reading “Mobtown Brewery”

Eccentric Places in Baltimore

Austin, Texas has a slogan which encourages the locals to help Keep Austin Weird. Any community or family has its own weird side, the portions that can be described as eccentric. For some that might be understood as “deviating from the recognized or customary character, practice; irregular; erratic; peculiar; odd.” For me, this is whatContinue reading “Eccentric Places in Baltimore”

Theatre In Baltimore

Nothing spurs the imagination like an evening at the theatre. While in high school, I participated in the annual school musicals every spring. My husband while we were dating, reintroduced me to my love of the theatre. I encourage you to go support your Loyola peers in their student led theatre productions on campus thisContinue reading “Theatre In Baltimore”

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